Photography Tips and Tricks Taking Photos like a Pro

Do you want to take photos like a pro?  Have you ever been so excited to take a photograph only to find that it really didn’t turn out like you had imagined?  How do photographers get those beautiful photos that just draw you in?  I am going to share a few easy tips that can make all the difference in the world. Here are some … Continue reading Photography Tips and Tricks Taking Photos like a Pro

Let’s Go Hammocking

Everyone knows what a hammock is, a great place to catch some z’s while out by the lake or camping, right? Today hammocks are more popular than ever before. If you have a teenager, you have probably heard of the phenomenon. Teens love going “hammocking.” Even the online marketers have caught on and have started targeting teens with Instagram ads featuring celebrity teens who like … Continue reading Let’s Go Hammocking

Celebrating Seniorhood

Many Senior Citizens enjoy a daily routine – morning walks, exercise, prayer, family activities, and hobbies. Some of us include a stop at The Golden Arches in North Ogden for breakfast where we meet friends, enjoy good food and share a laugh or two. It’s a sociable group that keeps up with each others’ life events and even finds time to “fix” a few worrisome … Continue reading Celebrating Seniorhood

Helping Fight Alzheimer’s Bruce and Lee Ann Christensen

By Ryan Spelts If you were a bank teller and a drugstore cowboy walked into your bank and left a note on the counter … what would you do? Lee Ann Christensen … married him! Long time residents Lee Ann and Bruce have been married for 22 years. They were both divorced and Bruce really did leave a note on the counter of this new … Continue reading Helping Fight Alzheimer’s Bruce and Lee Ann Christensen

August Students of the Month

Koby Pack, Weber High School At the beginning of the school year, I wondered how I would ever be able to choose just one out of my 200 students for Warrior of the Year. There has been one student, however, who has exhibited outstanding dedication from the very first day of class, and that is Koby Pack. Koby’s academic schedule is packed with rigorous courses, … Continue reading August Students of the Month