Helping Fight Alzheimer’s Bruce and Lee Ann Christensen

By Ryan Spelts

If you were a bank teller and a drugstore cowboy walked into your bank and left a note on the counter … what would you do? Lee Ann Christensen … married him! Long time residents Lee Ann and Bruce have been married for 22 years. They were both divorced and Bruce really did leave a note on the counter of this new tellers stall saying don’t open this until I leave. She was a little freaked out, worried that he could be a robber who had kidnapped her children to hold them ransom until she brought him the contents of her cash drawer. She didn’t even want to touch the note worried that she might disturb the incriminating finger prints. When she finally did open the paper, it was a cute pick-up note explaining that Bruce would like to get to know her better. Though she was a little freaked out, she eventually decided to meet him and the rest is beautiful history.

They have lived in North Ogden for 12 years and both are retired. Bruce is an Air Force veteran who eventually became a professor at Weber State where he taught statistics for many years. Lee Ann wasn’t scared out of the banking business by her encounter with Bruce that day and worked at Key Bank for many years but eventually retired from the Ogden City School District administration offices.

Bruce and Lee Ann were approached by a friend who asked them to get involved in the Walk to End Alzheimers charity association. Bruce felt he was too busy to take on the project but Lee Ann felt moved to help out. She remembers not knowing why she agreed to become the committee chair for the newly formed Weber County walk but she would soon find out. Within a few months, a long time friend whom she considered a second mom was diagnosed with this dreadful disease. She had visited her just prior and not understood the mean and confusing confrontation she had with her until after the diagnosis.

Alzheimers is the only one of the top ten deadliest diseases in the world with no cure or treatment. When Lee Ann and Bruce got into the thick of things, they made a huge impact. The first year Weber and Davis counties were separated turned out to be a great year with our county walk raising $40,000. The great part is that the Alzheimers Association is one of the best run charities around operating on only 6% of their donations. Lee Ann and Bruce have been instrumental in making our walk one of the best in the state. This year’s walk on August 26th at 10am in downtown Ogden is slated to be even better.

When asked why they continue to donate countless hours and resources to the Alzheimers Association they both were quick to answer. Bruce said he loves getting to know the community members who also volunteer and give so generously of their time and money. Lee Ann said, she loves the opportunity to help people know of the resources that are available. She loves giving the business cards out to families and caregivers of those with Alzheimers or Dementia because it gives people access to the 800 number which is a 24/7 free resource for anyone involved in caring for those who are struggling with some version of this disease. In case you need the number, it is 1-800-272-3900.

One of the coolest things about the Alzheimers Association is that they are the exact same purple as our own Weber Wildcats. It is a natural for Bruce to wear purple. We have really enjoyed getting to know the Christensens over the last few months. Join our team for the walk, info is on the left!

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Join our Team!

Connection Publishing has decided to form a walk team for our local walk. It costs nothing to be part of the walk so you can either join our team or create your own. Email for more info. We hope to see you there!


Walk registration starts at 9am and the opening ceremony will be at 10:30. This year we will be starting the walk downtown at the 25th Street Ogden Amphitheater.

Visit ALZ.ORG/WALK for more info.Cutest_Couple_

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