Tour The Area On A Bike

People all over the world make plans to visit our beautiful state. We have some of the most incredible places and natural landscapes in the world. One of these is right here in our back yard and now there is a great new way to see Antelope Island. Tice and Jamie Child opened Antelope E-bikes last spring and rented the old Marina building just past the causway. The idea is that you cannot enjoy the island as much when you drive through it. It is best explored on foot or on a bike. This way you can see the landscape and wildlife up close and personal.

We were able to go take a tour this last fall and it was the best experience. We loved the sense of freedom of riding the bikes and the intimacy of experiencing the island up-close and not confined inside a car. We passed some incredible bison and other birds and critters along the way. With the wind in our hair and the bike helping us not to get too tired while climbing the hills, it was beautiful. The best part is that our tour happened around sunset and we pulled up to a rock outcropping, got off the bikes and walked around to the west facing side of the rocks. We were able to witness the most incredible sunset I think I have ever seen. The picture cannot do justice to the beauty of looking over the Great Salt Lake at sunset, the colors were stunning and the peacefulness of that day will long be remembered.

The ebikes are the key to making these tours so enjoyable. Ebikes are regular bikes that have an electric assist motor integrated into the bike which gives extra power to the rider when needed. You could bike the island on your own but it would be quite tiring to get everywhere the tour goes under your own power, unless you were in great physical condition. The ebikes make it an invigorating yet accomplishable tour no matter your physical condition. You control how much power to use verses your own two legs. The best part is that this new technology has created bicycles that everyone can ride. There is nothing quite so freeing as being able to ride a bike. You can climb a hill very easily with these bikes because they assist you, your legs feel as if you are just riding along a flat road. It is awesome. You can also get a workout if you want by dialing back the assistance. It is all within the control of the rider.


We had a blast with Tice on our tour and recommend you plan an evening or weekend out with the family at Antelope Ebikes.

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