August Students of the Month

Koby Pack, Weber High School

Koby Pack

At the beginning of the school year, I wondered how I would ever be able to choose just one out of my 200 students for Warrior of the Year. There has been one student, however, who has exhibited outstanding dedication from the very first day of class, and that is Koby Pack.

Koby’s academic schedule is packed with rigorous courses, including several Honors classes. Just keeping up and doing well academically with this type of schedule would be worthy of praise in itself. However, on top of his challenging academic schedule, Koby is also a student body officer, an entrepreneur, and participates actively in both FBLA and DECA.

Being a student body officer comes with many added responsibilities, and several of those cause Koby to have to miss class on a semi-regular basis. As I mentioned before, Koby is also actively involved with FBLA and DECA, and as such, has attended several competitions where he has represented Weber High School very well. He has

taken first place on multiple occasions and has even qualified for DECA Nationals this year. Naturally, in order to compete in these events, Koby has had to miss school. Koby is also an entrepreneur and started his very own business while still in junior high school.

Despite being pulled in several different directions with his rigorous class schedule, his extracurricular activities, and his personal endeavors, Koby has never fallen behind in Biology class. In fact, Koby has taken a proactive approach and has always come in to speak with me before he missing class in order to find out what he can do to stay on top of his schoolwork. Because of his hard work and dedication, Koby has consistently been one of the top students in Biology this year.

It is a delight to have Koby in class. He is inquisitive and engaged, and eager to learn. He readily takes leadership roles when working with other students during group activities. Koby’s positive attitude is contagious and he is also willing to take a step back and offer support to his fellow students when needed.

I have no doubt that Koby Pack will be a success at whatever direction his life takes him. He has the drive to constantly improve himself and the ethic to work hard to accomplish his goals. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to be Koby’s teacher this year.

Sincerely, KimberLee Kelson – Biology Teacher

Brynn Cazier, Orion Junior High School


Brynn just finished her 9th grade year at Orion Jr High.  Her hobbies include dance, cheer and hanging out with friends and family.  Her favorite classes at Orion are Math and English.  Bynn currently has a 4.0 GPA and has a goal to continue to get a 4.0 throughout high school.  She is a member of Weber High’s Drill team for the 2017-2018 school year.   Her personal goal is to be kind to everyone.  After she graduates from High School, Brynn is interested in becoming a pediatric nurse or going to cosmetology school.  Brynn has been a great student and example to the students at Orion Jr. High and we know she will continue to do so at Weber High. With her outgoing and hardworking personality Brynn will be successful in whatever she chooses to do in life

Hayden Ouderkirk, Maria Montessori Academy


“Continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition” is the dictionary term that matches MMAJH’s Student of the Month Hayden Ouderkirk. Whether it is solving a math puzzle or climbing a rock, he doesn’t let anything stump him. Once he is committed to it, he pushes, works, and thinks about it until he has conquered it. In conversation, be prepared to bring your best game when engaging with Hayden because his wit is exceptional. He is easy-going, analytical and funny. A personality-trio that persists even in the face of new endeavors. After having developed exceptional skill in archery, rock climbing, chemistry, math, and science, Hayden has discovered a passion for Ultimate Frisbee. Hayden is extraordinarily even-keeled yet drives all those around him to smile and laugh. A friendly enigma that that could only be answered by spending time with the creator and ending with a genuinely good friend. Persistence is not easy to maintain, but it’s part of Hayden’s natural calm.

Fiona Luu – North Ogden Jr High


 Fiona Luu has many qualities that have made her my choice for Student of the Month. She is terrific to have in class and sets a good example for those around her.  She comes to class each day prepared to learn and do her best. Fiona is courteous and kind to her fellow classmates and teachers.   Fiona has a quiet, calm demeanor.  When she makes comments in class, they are positive and helpful. Fiona is sometimes challenged by the concepts we cover in math, but she doesn’t get discouraged or give up.  She accepts correction when needed and keeps working, giving her best effort to understand the new ideas.  It is clear to me that she is always giving her best effort.  She has learned that hard work pays off as is evidenced by her willingness to persevere even when things are difficult.  Her diligent work ethic has paid off in a significant increase in her math understanding, especially this year.  I have truly enjoyed watching Fiona grow and improve in her math skills and her overall academic skills.  Fiona is a great model for other students to follow.  I am honored to have her in my classroom. -DeLynn Holbrook

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