Celebrating Seniorhood

Many Senior Citizens enjoy a daily routine – morning walks, exercise, prayer, family activities, and hobbies. Some of us include a stop at The Golden Arches in North Ogden for breakfast where we meet friends, enjoy good food and share a laugh or two. It’s a sociable group that keeps up with each others’ life events and even finds time to “fix” a few worrisome problems that our political leaders have gotten us into as well as following current events and scores of athletic contests. We’ve affectionately acquired the mantra of “Geezers and Geezerettes”.

The crew at McDonalds has learned to tolerate, even appreciate this regular gathering of seniors and in turn we’ve gotten to know and like them. We sit near the kids Play Place which is usually not busy early in the morning; often people will pause and say hello and chat for a minute.

Diversity is prominent in the group: ages range from 50’s to 80’s, most are retired, their fields of endeavor range from cattleman to University professor, school bus driver to banker, as well as teachers, postal workers ,engineers and HAFB retirees. Hobbies include stained glass work to off-road trekker, porcelain doll maker and teaching youth to play drums. A few are LDS Temple workers while others enjoy camping, horseback riding and at least one is a world traveler. There is no litmus test to be part of our group but it does help to be “senior” in mind or spirit; anyone is welcome to join the conversation.

Conversation is lively and often punctuated with a hearty laugh; the group genuinely likes associating with each other. They also appreciate the friendly and helpful attitude of McDonalds’ employees who treat us as more than just customers. They make our celebration of Seniorhood more complete and a happy occasion; after all a “happy geezer’ is preferred to a grumpy one.

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