Outdoors: Crystal Hotsprings

Tucked at the base of the mountains just east of Honeyville Utah is a world renowned mineral hot spring resort called Crystal Hot Springs. I actually spent a large part of my childhood living just around the corner from the resort. It was always one of my favorite places to swim and we still enjoy visiting with our family today, especially since my parents ranch … Continue reading Outdoors: Crystal Hotsprings

Pleasant View Mayor Letter

November brings us two significant holidays. First there is Veterans Day. For our younger citizens, Veterans Day originated as Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially changed the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. Unlike Memorial Day, Veterans Day pays tribute to all American Veterans … Continue reading Pleasant View Mayor Letter

6 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

Homeowners insurance can protect you and your family in the event of a loss caused by theft. But what is better than being reimbursed after the fact? Taking some simple steps to prevent burglaries in the first place! Maintain your yard. This may sound unrelated, but the appearance of your yard, specifically the areas around your windows, can either invite or deter burglars. Think of … Continue reading 6 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

5 Reasons Young Families Need Life Insurance

5 Reasons Young Families Need Life Insurance A mother of three, in her thirties, is diagnosed with breast cancer; a three-year-old boy is diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; a twenty-eight-year-old woman is hit in the head while outside and suffers a concussion; a forty-two-year-old man visits his doctor for a yearly physical and is diagnosed with sleep apnea. These are scenarios which I have witnessed … Continue reading 5 Reasons Young Families Need Life Insurance

Intervivos: Planning for Children with Special Needs

Planning for Children with Special Needs Last month I wrote about the exorbitant financial and tax penalties of Aretha Franklin’s estate because she failed to do estate planning. I also mentioned that Franklin had a son with special needs. One report mentioned that Franklin’s attorney had spoken with her multiple times suggesting that she do planning for herself and her son with special needs. Perhaps … Continue reading Intervivos: Planning for Children with Special Needs

Sidney and Mary Stevens

Sidney and Mary Stevens were Weber County Pioneers. The couple married on May 22, 1863 in Liverpool. The very next day they boarded the ship “Antarctic” and sailed for America. By October of 1863 they arrived in Utah, and by 1865 had settled in North Ogden. On arrival in North Ogden, they bought a piece of property in the center of town and set about … Continue reading Sidney and Mary Stevens

Nature’s Image and Jelsco Awards

This family owned business offers custom art and photography framing combined with trophies, awards and plaques. Roger Stitt is the great-great grandson of Captain James Brown, an early settler of what is now Ogden City. Roger’s family has lived in this area from close to the beginning, but since his dad was in the military Roger moved quite a bit and spent his high school … Continue reading Nature’s Image and Jelsco Awards

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union:Advantages of Credit Cards

Advantages of Credit Cards Are you getting wary of credit cards and their confusing tangle of benefits and debt traps? With all the flak they get, you may have considered ditching your credit cards for good. Here are a few reasons why that’s not the best idea! First, credit cards can boost your credit score. You’ll need a credit history and a respectable credit score … Continue reading Wasatch Peaks Credit Union:Advantages of Credit Cards