Weber High School Standout

Erica Lee is the youngest of four sisters, plays 10 instruments, and loves Marching Band more than a teenager loves their bed. As a senior at Weber High, Lee is involved with all things instruments, maintains a 3.9 GPA, and works as a janitor after school. On top of that, Lee is the Student Body President this year. Here, she gives us a glimpse into her life in and out of Weber High. 

What is something that has made you who you are? 

My life hasn’t always been peachy. I started getting depression in 6th grade and was bullied throughout junior high. The summer before 11th grade, my depression hit worse than ever. I learned a lot from that time-period though. Now I don’t have time to be depressed because I have so much to do! I always say I would rather be busy than not be doing anything. I could go on this topic for a while, but I won’t. It’s just a tidbit about me that has really changed my whole world. 

Why did you want to run for Student Body? 

I ran for Student Body because I wanted to be a friend to everyone. It can be hard when you’re shy and don’t have anyone who reaches out to you. I know from experience. It can be rough when you don’t have a friend in school. I have been in office since 9th grade and I have loved being involved in what happens at school. It’s quite a task, but it’s so fun!

What was your reaction when you won SBO President? 

I was nervous because a lot of the other students would do well in this position. When they said my name and announced that I would be President, it was a feeling of relief, but also excitement. Knowing that I was chosen by the administration and students was humbling. I was glad that I had shown them that I was willing to put in the effort and could accomplish the job.

What is the most rewarding part of being an officer? 

This role has really shown me how to love those around me. People go through a lot more than you know, but once they share it with you, you can’t help but love them! I am eternally grateful for the friendships I have made as an officer. 

Give us a glimpse into the life of an officer.

Being an officer is a lot of work. The work never seems to end. From start to finish, there is always something to do. A lot of people may think the officers don’t do that much, but we are constantly going to games, planning events, and trying to raise school spirit. 

What is your favorite thing about Weber?

Honestly, I don’t really know! There are so many good things about Weber, but I think my favorite thing about Weber is its lack of windows . . . JUST KIDDING! I think it’s the teachers. There are a lot of teachers at Weber who really care about you and want to see you do your best. This is one of the reasons I am sad to be graduating.  

What is your message to incoming students to Weber High?

Get involved: cheer at the games, join some clubs, just make sure you do something. It’s so much better to get involved rather than just go to school to just go to school. It makes the experience so much better. Also, don’t freaking skip school! Might as well just be at school when that time is set aside for you already instead of making up all the credits on your own time. Try your best, even though it’s not always fun. The results will be worth it. 

Mrs. Connie Perry, Student Government advisor, on Erica Lee: 

Her dedication to this school to try and make it a better place for everyone is what makes her a great SBO this year. With all the suicides that we’ve had (in recent years), it was the one thing she wanted to focus on. She and the entire student government have gone out of their comfort zone to try and make all kids feel welcomed. 

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