Youth Council Update:

This month we had a blast at the Easter egg hunt put on by the Kiwanis club. After hiding and scattering all the eggs, we had our members busy handing out the prizes. Each child could exchange their egg for a box of marshmallow peeps, and some brightly colored hard boiled eggs. And if they were lucky and had a golden or silver egg, they also received a chocolate bunny! We have so much fun working with the Kiwanis club, and we have even more fun working with the families of the city. 

We were also able to help with one of our city caucuses. We were able to help check in people at North Ogden Jr High, including our very own Mayor Chugg! Some members were able to attend the caucus which is great. It is so awesome to see our youth group getting involved in their community politically at a young, but very important age!

As the end of the school year approaches, we have the sad time of our seniors leaving CYC and heading to different places. This is so sad since our council members number will drop, so we need new members to fill in their place. Members can join at any time, if you are an upcoming 9th-12th grader we would love to have you! Summer is quickly approaching which means lots of fun activities, and we would love to have new members join us!

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