Back-to-School Advice from Teachers

With the 2018-19 school year recently underway, it’s time to dip back into the notebooks and chromebooks to excel in and out of the classrooms. School teachers at Weber High offered some tips to make the school year successful and memorable. Bryce Ballif, Vice Principal: I would tell incoming students to be ready for the challenge of adjusting to high school. If it takes them … Continue reading Back-to-School Advice from Teachers

Kids Activities Monday Fun Day

Water coloring My great-grandpa, Glenn Graff, was a teacher/principal in many little towns in Southern Utah. During the Depression he was a Principal in New Harmony. Times were hard and he was grateful for work. The first 15 minutes of his class in the morning was spent in singing. He would write the words of the song on the black board and the kids copied … Continue reading Kids Activities Monday Fun Day

Weber High PTSA Needs Your Help!

We are the Weber High PTSA! Our mission is to support ALL students at Weber High. In the last several years, the PTSA has not held a fundraiser. We know that so many people in our community are asked to support fundraising efforts by Weber athletes and students participating in clubs. However, this year, we have been asked by Weber High administration to raise money … Continue reading Weber High PTSA Needs Your Help!

The Weber School District Internship Program

Students get the opportunity to learn and explore future careers, and even get jobs through this popular program. As the new school year begins, many students begin to wonder what they should do after high school. Going to college is in the plans for many, but what should they study? How should they start? Those are all common questions that everyone has had at some … Continue reading The Weber School District Internship Program


When the American Spirit Project offered cash awards and recognition to local youth city councils in North Ogden and Pleasant View as well as to readers of Connection Magazines, the challenge was accepted. Awards would go to whomever presented the best case for deserving Honoree recognition and included a $200 cash award. Naomi Elmer was the winner from the North Ogden YCC, and Grant Knight … Continue reading LOCAL YOUTHS SIEZE THE OPPORTUNITY

History: Florence Manning-A teacher and adventurous woman

I remember visiting the North Ogden Museum for the first time. I love stories of the past and there were a few stories told that day that left an impression on me. Florence Manning’s story was one of them. Florence was a teacher in North Ogden for many, many years. Someone from the museum said it was around 70 years; however, we weren’t able to … Continue reading History: Florence Manning-A teacher and adventurous woman

Ogden City Farmers Market

More than just great produce Some activities are synonymous with summer months such as camping, swimming pool fun, vacationing, roasting a gooey s’more around a campfire, catching a fish in a lake, or riding bikes amid the wildflowers and breathtaking Utah landscape. However, I have become a fond attendee of another local activity that I look forward to during my summer months here in Northern … Continue reading Ogden City Farmers Market

Proud Parent Moment

Congrats Kendall & Kambree! Kendall and Kambree Strasburg were among elite company in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma at the end of June. The twelve year old twin sisters were selected to participate in the USA softball All-American games. Just three hundred and sixty girls nationwide were selected to play in the tournament. Their team was made up of fifteen girls from Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho … Continue reading Proud Parent Moment