City Business Spotlight

Got a Sweet Tooth? The Dessert Factory is Here For You! Trevor, the owner of The Dessert Factory, has always loved to bake and describes himself as a hobby baker.  At 10 years old, he entered his German Chocolate Cake (without help from his mother) in the Utah State Fair and took first place.  Since that time, he has enjoyed trying new recipes and perfecting … Continue reading City Business Spotlight

Brixton’s Baked Potato

When I first met my wife, she and I were both starving college students. This poorness was ever present in our grocery shopping. I would go to Melissa’s apartment and she would be eating dinner, which usually consisted of a baked potato. That was it. Sometimes, when she could afford it, she would put ketchup on the potato, but she couldn’t afford toppings. I thought … Continue reading Brixton’s Baked Potato

Nature’s Image and Jelsco Awards

This family owned business offers custom art and photography framing combined with trophies, awards and plaques. Roger Stitt is the great-great grandson of Captain James Brown, an early settler of what is now Ogden City. Roger’s family has lived in this area from close to the beginning, but since his dad was in the military Roger moved quite a bit and spent his high school … Continue reading Nature’s Image and Jelsco Awards

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

With roots from the 1930’s, Wasatch Credit Union stays community oriented but offers products similar to larger institutions. A credit union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution organized to promote thrift and provide credit to members. In 1930, Alliance Credit Union was founded to serve the workers of the US Postal and Forest Services. Then, in 2011, Alliance Credit Union merged with Weber Credit Union, … Continue reading Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

City Business Spotlight

Monthly Business Spotlight This month North Ogden is featuring Bella Me Boutique, which opened February 2011 and is owned by Marietta Priest. Marietta moved to Pleasant View eleven years ago. After her love for retail, fashion and trends, her passion led her to open her own retail store and North Ogden was the perfect location. Visit for more details. North Ogden spotlights one outstanding … Continue reading City Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight Two Brothers Homes and Loan

Dustin and Lance Peterson combine their skills in business and their bond as brothers. Born and raised in Eden, UT, Dustin and Lance Peterson lived a life that seemed to come directly from a Norman Rockwell painting. They spent their days running all over the Ogden Valley riding bikes, going to the general store, swimming at Pineview and working on cattle ranches. Back then it … Continue reading Business Spotlight Two Brothers Homes and Loan

American Prestige Roofing

Ken Wilmot cares deeply about treating his customers well and delivering quality work. Sometimes you just want the job done right. When Ken Wilmot started American Prestige Roofing in 1991, he decided to make sure to do things right. Born and raised in Utah, Ken worked for a roofing contractor during high school and beyond, learning the trade. He moved to Washington for a short … Continue reading American Prestige Roofing

Capstone Classical Academy

Providing students in 6-12th grades a classical education based on a Finnish model. Are you aware that in a standard school population, close to 15% of students can be classified as gifted learners? Unfortunately, in our area the schools focus more on closing the gap between those that are behind the curve and those who perform at normal levels. This approach means top performing students … Continue reading Capstone Classical Academy

Olympus Fireworks

This family business has grown into the largest  independent fireworks company in Utah! You have likely heard of Black Cat and Phantom Fireworks, large national fireworks brands, but did you know that Olympus Fireworks are the largest independent fireworks company in Utah? Not only locally owned and operated but in the spirit of entrepreneurship, they partner with local entrepreneurs who want to open their own … Continue reading Olympus Fireworks

Got Dirt Housecleaning

Some of the world’s largest companies were started during economic recessions. Proctor and Gamble, General Motors, Disney, Tollhouse and Allstate just to name a few.  Tami Jo Esplin of Got Dirt Housecleaning started her company during a personal economic struggle. She was a single mother that had lost her job. An economic downturn was just starting and jobs were hard to come by. She got … Continue reading Got Dirt Housecleaning

Timeless Medical Spa

Timeless Medical Spa In 2009, Brent Williams had been a family physician for over 20 years when he and his wife, Debbie, decided to start TimeLess Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic. They started out with a plan to build a business for their retirement in Aesthetics (specializing in the cosmetic treatments of the skin). Shortly after starting the clinic, Brent and Debbie attended a … Continue reading Timeless Medical Spa

Master Home Services

Brett Hadley, owner of Master Electrical, specializes in residential services and treating his customers well.YOU’RE FIRED!! Hard words to hear at any time but Brett Hadley, owner of Master Electrical, had to hear them from his own father. He was working in the family business at the time and his dad said that he was unreliable. He sent him to the local Subway to get … Continue reading Master Home Services

Habitat for Humanity One Year Anniversary

Habitat for Humanity Ogden ReStore celebrated their one year anniversary on October 28th, 2017. Besides door prizes, they also gave away a slate pool table. Proceeds from ticket sales for the pool table giveaway went to raise funds for the ReStore, as well as the home builds and home repair projects. This Ogden ReStore is independently owned and operated by local nonprofit Habitat for Humanity … Continue reading Habitat for Humanity One Year Anniversary

Ace hardware

Phillip Child, with his years of experience in owning a grocery store, is opening a new Ace Hardware. After 25 years of working at Wangsgard’s grocery store, Phillip Child of North Ogden purchased the store and ran it for another 13 years before selling to Ridley’s Family Markets in 2015. With a desire to stay in the customer service business and being familiar with Ace … Continue reading Ace hardware

Are you delivering “Wow!”?

Have you had an experience with a product or service where you sat back after and said to yourself, “Wow, that was amazing!”? This happens when expectations are exceeded. What are you doing in your business to deliver the “Wow”? A study done by Bain & Company revealed that 80% of companies interviewed believed they deliver superior customer service. Interviewing the customers of these businesses … Continue reading Are you delivering “Wow!”?

Estate Planning: Selecting the Best Solution

Many attorneys throw the phrase “estate planning” around as if it is a generally understood concept, but many people do not have a clear idea of what it means. Put simply, estate planning means giving what I have, to whom I want, the way I want, when I want. I often hear people say, “I just need a simple will.” In some cases that may … Continue reading Estate Planning: Selecting the Best Solution

Celebrating the Holidays: Powerhouse Realty Group

As the fall months progress into our colder, snowy winter months, we head into the holiday season with friends and family gatherings, gift making, baking, lots of food, and holiday traditions! I moved to North Ogden in November 1998. To my surprise, I watched everyone put up their holiday lights and trees the day after Thanksgiving! In other places I have lived, those activities were … Continue reading Celebrating the Holidays: Powerhouse Realty Group

Mountain Springs Dental

Drs. Ray Garner and Nik Spendlove are both locals that believe in quality care. I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like big business is taking over everything. One of the things I make a priority is to support local businesses owned by real people. Mountain Springs Dental is a family owned dental office which has been part of the local community for … Continue reading Mountain Springs Dental

3 Tips to De-stress your Thanksgiving share

Thanksgiving is all about family traditions. Whether chatting during meal preparation, watching football as a family, or going out for hours of shopping—family comes to life on Thanksgiving. We all look forward to spending time together and enjoying favorite family recipes, but all that family in one place can be stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the stress ruin your holiday. Here are some … Continue reading 3 Tips to De-stress your Thanksgiving share