A Passion For Teaching And Mentoring The Youth

Major Kit Workman

Utah Military Academy

He has a passion for teaching and mentoring youth.

By Bill Cobabe

“My greatest moments are when former cadets return and share their successes,” he reports. Former students find success in the military and out, in college and technical or vocational schools, and in every aspect of life. He loves seeing the light come on in the cadets’ eyes when they start to realize their potential and accomplish things that seemed impossible.

Nearly fifty years in the military provides Major Workman with an immense background of experience, education, and expertise that is unmatched. After spending nearly two decades as a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) instructor, he recognized that there was something missing. He wanted to find a way to connect with more cadets and help more young people achieve their potential. The Utah Military Academy was established in 2014 to accomplish those missions.

The Academy is neither a reform school nor a funnel to the military. Only about 35% of cadets at the Academy go on to join the military. Rather, the Academy is a place for young people to experience education as they find their own paths forward. The school offers programs for those interested in music, art, computers, flying, athletics/team sports, medical fields, and many others. The Academy has also established relationships with Weber State, OTEC and DATC to help provide cadets with additional resources and opportunities. Cadets have found success with service academies, and Ivy League schools, along with opportunities for direct admission and scholarships with several universities.

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