By: Lisa D.–Acuity

What is home-based business insurance?

Home business insurance provides protection for you and your home business. The standard homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover liability for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the business pursuits of any insured. Coverage for personal property used for business purposes is also limited. Home-based business insurance helps fill those gaps and protects you, your lifestyle, your business, and your customers.

Do I need home-based business insurance?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if your home business requires extra protection.

Do customers or clients visit your home?
Accidents happen. If someone gets injured at your home, home business insurance will help pay their medical bills. If you’re sued for injury or damage to property, it will cover your legal expenses. You’ll also receive coverage for things like advertising injury and product liability.

Would you lose income if damage to your home interrupted your business? Home-based business insurance will help keep your business running and ensure you continue to get paid if something unexpected, like a house fire, puts your business on hold.

Do you keep inventory or supplies at your home?
Personal property used in your home business, such as desks, computers, or merchandise samples, are covered whether items are in your home or somewhere else. You also receive protection for things like accounts receivable, valuable papers, and software.

What types of businesses are eligible for home-based business insurance?

Acuity’s Home-Biz coverage is available for offices, retail, service operations, arts or crafts, and daycare services. Examples include:

  • Child care services
  • Financial planners
  • Graphic designers
  • Craft fair artists
  • Farmers market vendors


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