Spotlight– Farr West Orthodontics

It’s About More Than Just Straight Teeth


This month we are excited to feature Farr West Orthodontics, a practice dedicated to providing an exceptional orthodontic experience from the moment you walk into their office until the day treatment is finished. Farr West Orthodontics is owned and operated by Dr. Michael Richards.

Originally from Pleasant View, Dr. Richards is a “local”. He received his Bachelor’s from Weber State University before moving on to Ohio State University, where he earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, Master of Science, and his certificate in Orthodontics.

With the specialized knowledge and training from working under some of the world’s most well-known and published orthodontists, Dr. Richards is happy to help patients of all ages achieve straighter smiles than ever before. He is deeply committed to staying updated on the latest advancements and techniques through continuing education and involvement in professional organizations.

There’s a lot to love about his chosen career, but some of his favorite aspects include interacting and getting to know patients and their families, seeing patients gain more confidence in their smiles over time, and showing patients their before and after pictures. They often can’t believe how their teeth used to look before treatment, and their excitement and disbelief are always fun for Dr. Richards to experience firsthand. He especially loves seeing his younger patients grow and mature over the years!

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Richards is known for his compassionate and friendly nature. Patients and parents praise him for his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure their comfort. He always remembers his patients and their interests. He takes the time to listen to patients’ questions and concerns, making them feel valued and supported throughout their orthodontic journey.

At Farr West Orthodontics, the patient experience goes beyond the treatment itself. They are passionate about the care they give, and enjoy making you smile! Their experienced and talented team is committed to providing you and your family with the highest level of service to create a comfortable and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit their practice.

At Farr West Orthodontics, they believe braces are an investment. Dr. Richard’s team will work hard to find a plan that works for you. They offer low, interest-free payment plans. You may also be able to use orthodontic insurance or pay with tax-free dollars from your FSA or HSA.

How do you know if your dental insurance helps pay for braces? Dr. Richard’s team will do a complimentary benefits check at your exam. Just call them at 81-731-4850 to set up a consultation. They are confident that braces can be affordable for everyone. When is the best time to start Orthodontic Treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children be seen by an orthodontist by age seven. At times, early treatment is recommended to prevent the drifting of erupting teeth and correct the bite’s mismatching. However, normal orthodontic treatment usually begins after the permanent teeth erupt. Orthodontics can be successful at any age.

Can Adults Receive Orthodontic Treatment? Adults can, and often receive orthodontic treatment. Increasing numbers of adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to correct a smile that has bothered them most of their lives. Today’s smaller, less visible, more comfortable braces, and the affordable payment plans available, make braces more appealing than ever to adults. By choosing Farr West Orthodontics, patients can trust that they are in capable hands.

Business: Orthodontics
1761 N. 2000 W., Farr West, UT

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