Helping Local Business Community Grow

Ryan Spelts

Connection Media Co.

Ryan Spelts is innovative and creative, with a desire to help the local business community grow.

By Ann Park

Ryan started Connection Publishing in 2016 with the support from his wife Melissa launching with a single magazine and a goal of creating “connection” in the community. As the first publication date approached and he had spent all his time selling ads, he quickly enrolled his wife Melissa to help generate articles, recipes and other content.

Now in 2023, Connection Media Co. has grown to include five print magazines and a full range of digital marketing products, as well as branding and marketing education. Ryan wrote The Get Attention Marketing Handbook that he uses as the curriculum for his courses. He recently partnered with Ogden Technical College – Custom Fit to offer marketing training to business owners. Our team now includes seven employees and fifteen contractors, who sell advertising, create designs, manage the office, and support the company. “No matter how much we grow, our goal is still the same, to create connection.”

Ryan supports the community by building up other businesses. “I look up to small business owners like sports fans look up to their favorite athletes,” Ryan says. “There is something special about someone who wants to build something, often something from nothing.”

Ryan has always loved helping others learn. “In college, I was an education major. But I didn’t like the pay scale, so I decided not to pursue that career.” Instead, Ryan ended up in sales, and quickly became a manager, training others to improve their sales skills.

He still loves teaching and is an excellent communicator. One of his gifts is explaining things so people can easily understand. “I want to be super clear and honest in all my communication. That’s the core of everything I do.”

His goal is to share his skills in a way that helps the local business community grow. “I want to them do well, to succeed, to be better than they were. I own a small business myself and I teach my best skills in marketing and sales with an emphasis on my favorite people, small business owners. As we help each other, we can grow together.”

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