Ultimate Express Car Wash

Jeff Shaw and his son Josh outside the business.

Jeff Shaw, owner of the Ultimate Express Car Wash, has been working to bring a car wash to North Ogden for almost a decade. That project became reality when he opened for business in October of this year. He has studied car washes and learned from the best to bring the Ultimate (definition: being the best or most extreme of its kind) Express Car Wash to our city. They also are able to reclaim 80%of the water used to be recycled without affecting the quality of the wash.

He boasts the best equipment available, with the longest tunnel and sufficient pressure to clean most vehicles without an initial prep. Towels are also provided when you purchase the “Ultimate Wash” that have been infused with silicone for cleaning your dash and windshield – just remember to return the cloth at the end so they can be washed for the next customer!

Josh Shaw, Jeff’s son and a Weber High graduate, is the manager of the car wash and is excited to work in North Ogden. The Shaws are a great support to our community. They are long-time backers of Weber High Athletics and their football program. Just this last month, they gave free car washes to all veterans on Veteran’s Day. They also participate in doing fundraisers.

They offer several levels of service:

Ultimate Wash- $18 or $40/Monthly

Protect Shine+- $15 or $35/Monthly

Shine Clean+- $12 or $30/Monthly

Clean -$9 or $25/Monthly

Ultimate Express Car Wash

1853 N Washington Blvd.

Winter hours: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Monday – Saturday

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