Students of the Month

Melodie Hughes

Weber High School

During the 2nd week of school, we were discussing a “you try” math problem, and Melodie volunteered to the class that she got the problem wrong. She then explained why she got the problem wrong and howto correct her mistake. I thought her volunteering this information was very risky as it is hard to know how you will be perceived by your peers. It is often difficult for students to admit when they are wrong. Melodie provided a great opportunity for discussion,and numerous students realized they had made the same error.It was a very valuable learning experience for the entire class,and I very much appreciate her boldness and willingness to express herself

Angel Chavez

Orion Jr. High School

Angel is a 9th grader at Orion Jr. High.He is involved in Project Lead The Way and Latinos in Action at school, and loves to play football. Angel has a challenging schedule and is taking several Honors classes with a 3.2 GPA.

His personal goal is to make a positive impact in the world, and his career goals include attending the University of Utah and becoming an engineer. Angel is very polite and works hard. We are pleased to recognize his efforts and successes. Congratulations, Angel!

Leyla Householder

Maria Montessori Academy

Leyla Householder is an 8th grader at Maria Montessori Academy who excels academically and always has a smile on her face. She is a fantastic role model and is a member of our school’s Hope Squad. She has been selected as a mentor for new students and is willing to go the extra mile when asked. She ran on our Cross Country team and set a personal best this season. Leyla does not have an unkind word to say about others and is not only a joy to have in the classroom, but she is also an all-around awesome person!

Aubry Dixon

North Ogden Jr. High School

I am so excited to nominate Aubry as student of the month. Aubry is such a hard worker in my math class. She comes prepared to learn and does her work everyday. Aubry is the type of student that you wish for in math class. She is so excited to learn every day and so friendly. If she does not understand the material, she asks for help in learning how to do the problems. Every day, Aubry comes to class with a smile. Thank you Aubry for making my day brighter. Good luck in all your future endeavors in life.

-Mr. Perry, Math Teacher at North Ogden Junior High

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