Students of the Month for March 2018

Katie Hadley

Weber High School

Katie, a junior at Weber High School, was chosen as Warrior of the Month. She has shown so much promise using sign language. She has surpassed most of the students in her Level 2 class and has even done better than other students in the high school Level 3 classes. Katie also shows enthusiasm by using sign language in Mr. Adair’s class and is willing to help those in need. She comes to her ASL classroom before the bell rings at first period and signs all the time. Even though she is not the only red head in her ASL class, Katie stands out because she signs throughout the entire class time. Katie says she loves to draw. She also plays the French horn in her concert band, and the mellophone in Weber High’s marching band. She plays the piano and is in the school choir. She would like to go to UVU for college and plans to major in interpreting and minor in deaf history.

Zakery Simmons

North Ogden Junior High School

Ben Simmons, a teacher at North Ogden Jr. High, nominated Zakery Simmons for student of the month. He says, Zak has personality. Teachers love it when a student comes to class with a can-do attitude. They’re willing and eager to learn, and it shows in their countenances. Zak is positive and cheerful, and you can tell he wants to be there.

He also displays self-discipline and motivation. “Zak displays a sense of dedication to his education that I wish all students had. He is willing to work for it. He knows that the best lessons don’t come easy but this doesn’t stop him from learning. He is on time to class and on time, if not early, with his assignments.”
Zak participates. “To me, this is an extremely important factor to my classrooms. Students who participate not only achieve better results in their education, but they enjoy it more. They also help others enjoy class. They help to create a learning environment and dispel the myth that school has to be boring and teachers are all stupid.” Zak is a great student, a true NOJH Knight and he has the potential to be a leader.

America Aguirre Jimenez

Maria Montessori Academy

America has the desire to help other students in any way they might need it. She also is great at collaborating to make our community stronger. America is a natural tutor in the classroom and a good friend to everyone. She likes to sing, role-play, act, dance, and as she explains, “be weird” with her friends. America also loves listening to other people’s stories and enjoys being a member of our MMA’s Hope Squad. America was nominated by her peers as a person other students can trust to talk about anything. This position comes with great responsibility and countless volunteer hours. Another one of America’s talents is public speaking. It is through her passionate and moving speeches that we learned of her commitment to social justice. Racial equality and homelessness are just two of the causes she holds dear to her heart. There is no doubt that America will one day go on to be a leader in the social justice community, be it running media campaigns, galvanizing key donors, or leading community wide marches. America will make a difference in the lives of others.

Next year, America will be attending Classical Capstone Academy, then she will go on to college and be a lawyer someday. America is extremely well deserving of the honor of Maria Montessori Academy’s Student of the Month. Her kindness, leadership, and compassion are valuable assets to our community.

Emilee Webster

Orion Junior High School

Emilee is a seventh grader at Orion. Her personal hobbies include watching anime, cooking, and most recently she tried ice skating and loved it. She began playing the violin in orchestra this year, which is her favorite class. Emilee’s GPA for second quarter was a 3.3. She wants to go to college and her academic goal is to get all A and B grades. Emilee said that being a chef after high school sounds fun, but she is keeping her options open. Congratulations Emilee!

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