Students of the Month

Weber High School Sydney Simmons took the theme of kindness to heart. Sydney decided to make T-shirts with “Be Kind” written out in ASL. Granted, part of this was to support her efforts to earn a trip to Disney; however, it goes further than this. She is a person who is always helpful and kind to others, and is often seen including people from various … Continue reading Students of the Month

Students Of The Month

Ashlyn Crowell Weber High School Ashlyn is always positive and bubbly. She is outgoing and is always encouraging her peers. She is friendly and greets everyone she meets with a bright smile. She is enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm is infectious! Ashlyn is also a hard worker. She isn’t afraid of admitting she has made a mistake, specifically because she has learned that a mistake is … Continue reading Students Of The Month

May ’18 – Students of the Month

  Ryan Anglesey Weber High School Mr. Newbold, Ryan’s Secondary Math III teacher, says he has had the pleasure of witnessing Ryan’s analytical reasoning skills develop and mature this year. Ryan has distinguished himself among his peers as a student with a great work ethic and a commitment to learning. Ryan is inquisitive and takes the time to revise problems and understand the justification behind … Continue reading May ’18 – Students of the Month

Students of the Month for April ’18

Alex Griffith Weber High School Ms. Fullwood chose Alex Griffeth for her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her grade and classwork. Alex is in her physics and FLEX class. In both periods, she is consistently working on her school work with a positive attitude and it pays off. Her grades in her class are always in the top percentile. It is not unusual for … Continue reading Students of the Month for April ’18

Students of the Month for March 2018

Katie Hadley Weber High School Katie, a junior at Weber High School, was chosen as Warrior of the Month. She has shown so much promise using sign language. She has surpassed most of the students in her Level 2 class and has even done better than other students in the high school Level 3 classes. Katie also shows enthusiasm by using sign language in Mr. … Continue reading Students of the Month for March 2018

Student of the Month

Every month, we recognize students who have been selected by their teachers for their academic, extra-curricular and character achievements. Abbey Smoot North Ogden Junior High School Abbey has been a joy to have as a student. I have watched her develop her talents and abilities since the 7th grade.I appreciate and love that she is self-motivated and always keeps busy. When she has completed her … Continue reading Student of the Month

Connections Choices Students of the Month

This month, since school was not in session and we only had enough students of the month to get us through August, we decided to make a new tradition, Connection’s Choices. In September, we selected 4 students of the month that we have known in the community. These are great kids and we love having them as friends, neighbors and classmates. If you have a … Continue reading Connections Choices Students of the Month