Students of the Month

Imani Jackson
Imani went from doing really well in school to struggling in 9th and 10th grade. Imani was struggling with mental health issues and finding it difficult to manage school pressures. Imani committed to working on getting back on track and has done just that! Imani did amazingly during 11th grade, and now as a Senior, continues to do well. It’s been a pleasure to see Imani do the work required to accomplish the goals of feeling better emotionally and improving in school. Way to go, Imani!

Malachi Deem
Malachi has done really well in class. He goes above and beyond what is expected and gets his work done. Malachi asks questions and regularly participates in class discussions. Everyone is very proud of all the work he has done. It is a very fortunate thing to have him as a student in the class. Thank you, Malachi, for setting a good example for your fellow classmates. Your determination and hard work will make you very successful in future endeavors. Keep up the good work! You are awesome!

Wyatt Reed
Wyatt is a 9th grader at Orion Junior High. His favorite class this year is Seminary. Wyatt is involved in several clubs at Orion: the TSA, MESA, and STEM clubs. Wyatt would like to be a professional gamer or game designer for a career. Wyatt is a hard worker and a self-described “go getter” who excels in school maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Someone Wyatt looks up to is his cousin, Bryson, because of the way Bryson interacts with his siblings. Family is important to Wyatt; he loves hanging out with his family and watching movies, particularly Harry Potter. Congratulations, Wyatt!

Lily Boudreaux
Lily is one of our outstanding ninth graders at MMA this year. She is well-known for her vibrant, outgoing personality, great sense of humor, and positive demeanor. She has grown tremendously over the last few years and is a friend to most. She has an extraordinary ability to reach out and relate to nearly everyone, making them feel welcome in our MMA family.

Lily has truly grown into quite the mentor and role model not only in Jr. High but throughout the school, having served in leadership roles in the student body as well as being active in HOPE Squad (Hold On, Persuade, Empower).

Lily is a lifelong learner who not only participates in class discussions but also enhances group conversation with her insight, personal experiences, and honest opinions. Lilly is strong in her values and is often vocal when it comes to equality and doing the right thing, even in the face of adversity. She is an inspiration to all in junior high, staff included.

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