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Loretta Shupe believes every mother should have a choice about her birth process.

When Loretta Shupe was in Jr. High, she knew she wanted to be a Midwife. At that age, she assumed that Midwives would only assist in emergency situations when a visit to the hospital was not an option. Later, after she was a mother, she heard about a neighbor who decided she wanted to have her child at home. Loretta was shocked to hear that someone would purposefully have a baby from home and went to investigate. After hearing her neighbor’s reasoning, it all became very clear to Loretta that she too wanted to have babies from home. She and her husband have 7 children, all of them naturally and 3 of the last 4 of them were born at home. Her last baby was born in the hospital as she had developed preeclampsia, and hospital birth seemed safer for the baby and mother. When someone chooses an at home birth, it will only remain that way when the pregnancy is low risk.

For the last 40 years, Loretta has worked with babies and mommas. She has worked in supporting roles with newborns, labor and delivery and postpartum care. She recently received her CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) which is a certification qualifying her to specialize in out-of-hospital birthing.

Today the statistics are getting worse and worse for pregnant moms. One in four mothers gets a Cesarean Section (C-Section), which is supposed to be for emergencies.There are many factors of why C-Sections are increasing, one of which is inducing labor rather than allowing the mother to go into labor on her own. The statistics for CPM’s are much better with only 2.5 in 100 births resulting in an emergency C-Section, possibly due to the much more natural approach of letting the mother’s body go into labor when it is ready.

During her midwifery apprenticeship, Loretta saw the need for an alternative for moms and babies. She now does births at home or at her luxurious birthing center in South Ogden, one minute from Ogden Regional Hospital. She decided to design her birth center as an option for mothers who wanted a natural birth but not necessarily at home. The center is beautiful and peaceful with a wonderful atmosphere of comfort. Her most common request now days is for a water birth. She is able to do this in her center or in client’s home, whichever she prefers. Really it is all about the mother and her choices when she chooses My Family Birth Center.

When mothers have babies at hospitals, there are a lot of things that happen which are out of the mother’s control. Many moms feel like they are forced into things which they may or may not want. Loretta’s stance is Your Body, Your Baby, Your Choice. The parents get to decide how and where they would like to give birth. They get to decide who is at the birth and choose any details, as long as it doesn’t endanger the baby.

Mothers feel like they are at a 5-Star hotel when they are at her center. It is a much more relaxed atmosphere than the hospital and mothers love it. It is the Royal Treatment.

In addition to birthing services both in the home or at her birth center which is very close to the Ogden Regional Hospital just in case there is an emergency, she also offers prenatal care, postpartum care, and Well Woman care.

On a personal note, Melissa and I have had our babies three different ways. Our first was in the hospital with all the drugs, our second and third were born in the hospital naturally and our last two were born at home. We loved each birth for all the amazing parts of it which we experienced. Our favorites were, however, the at-home births. It was so nice to be able to get back to bed right after and to be in our home. We loved the experience. If you are considering a natural birth I recommend setting an appointment with Loretta and visiting her beautiful center.


Sep 6- We were blessed with this joy this morning at 6:44 am. The delivery was everything we dreamed of. A short 6-hour labor, unmedicated at the My Family Birth Center. Ed Avalos assisted the delivery, and was a champ! By my side every step of the way. I am so blessed and pleased with my team of support. Kandice Baird was the dream doula, and Loretta Shupe is everything you could want in a midwife. Big thanks to Brad Winegar for driving all night to film. Marissa Janae Winegar and Teresa Balle Winegar thank you for taking Addison off my hands 😘 If you know me, you know there will be more pictures and video to come. We are home now, just 12 hours after labor began, getting rested up and enjoying Baby. MaKayla Avalos


Business: Baby delivery + Women’s Wellness care

Address: 5319 S. 500 E. Suite C Ogden

Phone: 801-917-6104


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