Precious Pet

Cherry & Mickey: Two is better than one!

One loves watermelon, and the other thinks he’s human! 

One loves watermelon, and the other thinks he’s human!

When my daughter, Karina, turned 11 years old we gave her a big surprise in her birthday card…a trip to the animal shelter to pick out her very own kitten! She was elated! Just days later we brought home, “Cherry.” She was a short-haired tabby with charcoal gray and mostly white fur.

We all loved Cherry instantly and wondered why we waited so long to bring home such a soft and furry friend!? Cherry grew to be the queen of the household and showed her sweet affection in many ways.

One I remember well is when my husband, Mike, and I were saying our morning prayers together and she climbed up onto his lap and nudged us over and over—showing lots of love.

Cherry LOVES watermelon and will lick and lick all day—so long as you hold it for her! Fast forward 7 years and we still have Cherry with us—for which we are SO GRATEFUL!

And two years ago, we introduced “Mickey” into the family. Karina brought him home from school one day since her teacher was giving a litter of kittens away. Mickey is an orange tabby cat and he and Cherry DID NOT get along at first!

Cherry was upset that her territory was being invaded. Lots of snarling, growling, and howling ensued! All provoked by Mickey, of course! He was the antagonist! We surely thought we’d have to give Mickey away but as time passed we realized they were mostly “play fighting.”

Mickey often thinks he’s a human, not a cat. He will try to paw at a door to where you think it’s someone’s hand on the doorknob rattling it! It has scared me a time or two! He also loves to bring us “treasures” of dragonflies and mice. If I could, I’d love to adopt a 3rd cat but then I’d be called the “Crazy Cat Lady” for sure!


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