Community Question Corner: Can I store materials on the public street?

No. The simple answer is that you cannot store any materials, containers, or other items on the street or sidewalk. We have had a few situations recently where vehicles have been damaged because of storage or illegal dumping activities. Please help us be aware of what is in the roadways, and if you feel there is a safety hazard, call PublicWorks (801) 782-8111 or the non-emergency dispatch number (801) 395-8221. We will try to assist in getting the roadway cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Also, we have had some concerns raised over people dumping debris in the temporary turnarounds. This winter, we have already had some damage to one of the plow trucks which hit a large rock that had been either dumped in a turnaround or intentionally placed there to reduce the risk of high-speed turning maneuvers by careless drivers. If you are aware of any such methods being used around the city, please let us know.

If you have questions about proper procedures, city code, building permits, community events, how-to’s, or other city-related questions, please send an email to

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