Oh Deer! Drive Defensively this Season

The most dangerous animal in the U.S. is not the sharp-clawed bear or the sharp-toothed shark. Surprisingly, it may be the kind, furry animal we grew up calling“Bambi.”

Although we can’t keep deer off of the roads, here are seven steps we can take to reduce the chance of having an accident if a deer crosses our path while driving.


The size of an adult male deer can be 200-plus pounds, and a collision with one can pack a powerful punch. Safety belts can help prevent injuries and deaths!


Although deer can be found almost any whereat any time, it is important to be extra cautious when driving through heavily wooded areas at dusk and dawn. Look for the reflection of their eyes in your headlights on the side of the road.


Using high beams can help better illuminate deer and also make it easier to see the reflection in their eyes. Be cautious with high beams, however. If a deer does cross your path, it may freeze in your headlights. Be careful, but turnoff the brights quickly and beep your horn to help scare the deer away.


When you see a deer crossing sign, pay even more attention to your surroundings. These signs are placed at well-known deer crossing paths, so slowdown.


If a deer does come at you from the side of the road, hit the brakes but avoid swerving. Deer will typically move, so if you swerve, you may put yourself back into the path of the deer. Also, sharp turns can increase the likelihood of losing control of the vehicle and causing an accident with another vehicle, tree, etc.


Deer are herd animals. If you see one, rest assured there are more nearby. If a deer does jump in front of you, be aware of more deer possibly crossing your path. This is another reason swerving is a bad idea. Swerving to avoid one deer may put you in the path of another. If you do hit a deer:

•Pull over and call local law enforcement.

•Ask for medical assistance if you or your passengers are injured.

•Stay away from the animal! It could still be alive and panic.

•Take advantage of your roadside assistance program offered by your auto insurance, if available. Deer are one of the most dangerous animals due to their contributions to auto accidents. Takings imple precautions can be the difference between having an accident with a deer and almost having an accident with a deer.

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