City Council Update

• The final acceptance of Shupe Farms Subdivision was approved.
• An ordinance was passed, revising the retaining wall standards to add clarifying language regarding grading and drainage standards.
• A resolution to adjust the common boundary with Pleasant View City at approximately 3475 N 98 E was passed.
• Approval of final acceptance of the Land Use portion of the North Ogden City Code with codification and corrections made through an ordinance was given.
• An ordinance was passed in association with the updated Moderate Incoming Housing Plan from the General Plan.
• A resident-led budget subcommittee was approved with the name of the committee members to still be forthcoming.
• Approval of additional money to pay for playground equipment at Wadman Park to make it for all abilities was given.
• An Assistant City Manager position was approved to be promoted from within the city.

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