Recent Traffic Pattern Changes in North Ogden City

2550 North and Washington Boulevard The City Street Department has been working with UDOT for several months to redesign the intersection at 2550 and Washington Blvd.  Many of you who have traveled through the intersection in the past several years have realized the intersection did not use the same lane configuration as other parts of the City.  Specifically the left hand turn and straight through … Continue reading Recent Traffic Pattern Changes in North Ogden City

Community Question Corner

Question:  How does the City establish speed limits and traffic controls? Answer: Several questions have come up recently asking if the City can install traffic signals, stop signs, or modify speed limits throughout the City. In general, the standard speed limit is 25 mph for all non-posted roadways. Most of the larger roadways are faster speeds, though occasionally some roads are still 25 mph. When … Continue reading Community Question Corner

Pleasant View Mayor Message

Well, 2018 is in the books. What a joy it was to serve as your mayor this past year. I’m looking forward to another great year. I want to take this opportunity to thank our employees. They do a phenomenal job in the performance of their duties. There are many others that serve on your behalf as well. The City Council, the Planning Commission, the … Continue reading Pleasant View Mayor Message

City Business Spotlight

Beans & Brews Coffee House has been around since 1993, when the Laramie family opened shop next to Salt Lake City’s beloved hangout, Liberty Park. The family refined the process of high-altitude roasting, which required special tweaks just like high-altitude baking. They soon got the process just right, and they built a reputation for uniquely smooth coffee in a friendly neighborhood setting.  The manager, Savannah, … Continue reading City Business Spotlight

Five Reasons Why Horseback Riding Is Good For Your Child

For many hundred years, man has shared a strong bond with horses. Horses are one of the gentlest creatures. Despite their height and size, most horses have a friendly and kind temperament. Many experts of the equine community claim that they have found their best friend in a horse and that horses are a lifetime companion. Children’s minds are innocent and absolutely unbiased. They seldom … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Horseback Riding Is Good For Your Child

Youth Council Update

These last few months have been busy for your Youth Council. In November, some of our service projects were oriented around memorializing our beloved late mayor, Major Brent Taylor. We wrapped lights around light posts down Washington Boulevard with red, white, and blue tinsel along with flags bought by residents. We also passed out green light bulbs as a tribute to all active duty soldiers, … Continue reading Youth Council Update

Go Paperless For Your Utility Bill

If you already have an Xpress bill pay account: Go to and log in Click “View Bill” Under the account you would like to be paperless Locate the “Paperless (Off)” button Click on the button to turn “Paperless (On)” Register and Sign up for Paperless: Go to Click “Sign Up” on the top of the screen Fill in your email and password, then … Continue reading Go Paperless For Your Utility Bill

Employee of the Month-December

Clark has been employed by North Ogden City for 38 years, the past 33 years with the Police Department. During that time Clark has been instrumental in the success of the department and the establishment of the professional, customer service-oriented culture that the Police Department is so proud of. Clark has held nearly every position in the department while making his way to the rank … Continue reading Employee of the Month-December

Community Question Corner

Question: How does somebody change the zoning on their property? Answer: The City Council has divided the City into several “zones” or classifications, depending on the expected type of use of the property. Most of the City falls under the residential zoning districts with a focus of primarily providing places for people to live. Occasionally a landowner will request that the property they live on, … Continue reading Community Question Corner

Fall Clean Up

Green Waste Only  *  Bagged   *   Bundled   *   Boxed October 15th – 19th The City has scheduled the fall Green Waste Pick Up for October 15th-19th 2018; collection will be on your regular garbage day. The volume of material may, however, delay collection. The regulations mentioned below MUST be followed when placing material out for collection. All materials must be in … Continue reading Fall Clean Up