North Ogden Growth and Planning


Utah continues to lead the nation as one of the fastest growing states. Cities in Utah are facing new challenges, housing shortages, and increasing costs. North Ogden City is no exception. In response to these growth pressures, the City is updating the General Plan Future Land Use Map. The General Plan is a guiding document for future growth and development over the next 15-20 years. The City must balance the need for housing options, commercial development, parks and trails, transportation, and services to assure that our current and future residents maintain a high quality of life.

On December 14, 2021, the City Council reviewed the Draft 2021 Future Land Use Map. The Council asked questions to seek clarity, and then held the decision on this critical guiding plan to a future meeting in early 2022. The draft plan was developed with the help of the General Plan Advisory Committee, a citizen-led effort to make sure the plan represents the voice of North Ogden residents. In November 2021, The Planning Commission carefully reviewed the draft map, and after a lengthy discussion, made a unanimous recommendation to the City Council for their consideration.

The 2021 Draft Future Land Use Map shows areas of change in the City. In some ways the City will evolve over time, and in other ways it will maintain what residents cherish most. North Ogden will continue to be a place of beautiful homes, friendly neighbors, unmatched open space access, and convenient businesses. The City is asking for residents to review the 2021 Draft Future Land Use Map and provide comments to the Planning Department.


If you have any questions about Planning, Zoning, or if you would like to engage in the General Plan development process please contact Scott A. Hess, Planning Director, at 801-737-9841 or

View the Draft of the 2021 Future Land Use Map.

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  1. We have so many homes being packed into North Ogden, and no store additions that would benefit us! We have 2 grocery stores! Our store shelves are often empty, I find myself going to riverdale more often than I’d like! We need a target/winco/same club, a home decor store like hobby lobby, more restaurant options! There are so many new restaurants going up in riverdale where’s ours??? I’m really getting fed up with this city!

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