• The Council received some training on Roberts Rules of Order. A good discussion resulted from the training and the Council is looking at updating their rules to align better with modern practices.
• The North Ogden Parks and Trails committee made a presentation on their survey results. The results indicated that of the 250 people surveyed, an increase or focus on the parks in the city would be an effective use of Council time and resources.
• The Council approved an ordinance change which would allow for larger propane tanks in the city. There was a lot of discussion around the safety of these tanks and their locations. It was clarified that the state regulates these safety provisions.
• The Council continued its visioning discussion and setting the goals for the city. This will play an important role in upcoming budget discussions.
• The current City Hall and Police Station property has been rezoned to the Civic Zone. The Civic Zone was created to allow for uses like schools and government buildings to be developed throughout the city with appropriate standards. Most of the setbacks and building height standards are the same as other areas of the city.

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