Can I use culinary water on my landscaping?


Resident’s Question: Can I use culinary water on my landscaping?

Answer. Yes, but only temporarily. Historically, North Ogden City has always prohibited the use of culinary water for landscaping and other irrigation purposes. With the current drought and the potential for the early disconnection of Pineview Water, the mayor and council have passed an emergency declaration which allows for individuals to use culinary water to keep shrubs, trees, gardens, and livestock alive, in addition to normal household uses. Culinary water has never been allowed to be used on lawns, and the new temporary rules do not allow it either. With this flexibility, it is important to note that more strict penalties and standards will be imposed for those who decide to abuse this. The Water Supervisor and others have been involved in this decision-making process and are keeping an eye on water needs and usages, with an emphasis on prioritizing water for indoor water use. You can keep up to date on water restrictions starting August 1st through October 15th on the North Ogden City website, on the red banner at the top of the screen:

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