City Council Update: Jennie Taylor spoke of her commitment to freedom

Jennie Taylor said the day before the council meeting she took time to explain to her children why she is so public with what they have experienced in losing her husband and their father. She said she is sure Brent would want the residents of North Ogden and the citizens of the United States to know that the price of freedom is immeasurably high.

“The price…has not yet been paid in full. There are hundreds more to come who will die for their country. I have committed to myself, my God, and my city that none of the charity given to my family will be given in vain. In the six or seven decades that might stand between me and seeing Brent again, we as a family will raise our voice high in the spirit of America… Freedom comes straight from God.”

John Reynolds and Kirk Larsen both honored the Taylor family by presenting the American Spirit Award and a painting of North Ogden to them. The American Spirit Award is to encourage greater appreciation for our country’s form of government.

She encouraged the residents to get involved.  “If you are unhappy with the way you think things are being done, let your voice be heard in a civil and respectful way. Do not jump to conclusions or accusations that people are making decisions without thinking and careful consideration.”

A no for changing setbacks

The council decided to keep 20 ft setbacks from the rear of the homes in the Village at Prominence Point for lots 23-32 that border single family homes on the North. Phillip Swanson and Cheryl Stoker reminded the council of the commitments they had made to the residents previously. Several residents also spoke out on their desire for the council to stick with the original agreement. The motion kept the original setbacks in place.

Jeff Jackson, the builder for the development from Visionary Homes, was hoping to get the setbacks reduced to 15 ft. He said with the additional amount of building space they could build a nice single story cottage instead of a two story town home. He contacted each of the nine residents that border where the homes will be built. He said five were in favor, one said no, one would go with the majority of what his neighbors said, one was undecided, and one home was vacant.  He said a single story cottage would give the residents more privacy in their backyards than a two story town home but he needed the additional space to build a single level home.

UDOT speed study

UDOT will be conducting a yearlong speed study on the northern section of Washington Blvd. They will lower the speed from 55 mph to 45 mph. If drivers comply with the lower speed, UDOT will change it permanently.  Kyle Anderson said this is a response to the three car accident that killed two children last October.

Form Based Code

The council approved an ordinance allowing temporary land use regulation along Washington Blvd and 2700 North until city council implements Form Based Code. They can revoke the ordinance if they decide to not follow form based code.

Randy Win, said he believes form based code is too restrictive and will dissuade businesses from coming in that would keep residents from driving to Riverdale. Kevin Burns said it doesn’t seem like form based code fits North Ogden. Brenda Ashdown said the strip malls in North Ogden have a hard time keeping small businesses in them and the problem will be perpetuated if they follow form based code.

Quarterly Financial Report

Finance Director Evan Nelson presented the quarterly financial report and sales tax revenue came in $75,000 ahead of the city budget.

Other Items

The council approved the amendment to add automatic car wash as an allowed use in the business section of the Village at Prominence point. The council approved to amend the development agreement for the Cherry Springs Villas project located at approximately 100 E 2700 N to allow a 20 foot wide garage width. The council approved an ordinance to establish a setback standard for lots having a slope greater than 10%.

The council approved the resolution to decommission some of the City’s committees. Jon Call said the records and minutes will be kept when the committees are decommissioned.

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