Young Poet Wins Award

MaeLee Scoville hopes that anyone who reads her poem will feel how special they are and why they are so important.


Everyone has a part on th!s earth
You’ve had a role ever s!nce your b!rth
Th!nk about a computer w!th all of !ts keys
!f you were m!ss!ng the letter “T” you couldn’t spell trees
Or what !f you were m!ss!ng the letter “O”
!t would be !mposs!ble to have an Oreo
What would you m!ss !f there wasn’t the letter “U’?
! would m!ss Utah, uncles and un!corns too
We need every letter and each computer key
Just l!ke the world needs you and me
Th!nk about how the stars !n the sky sh!mmer
!f one were m!ss!ng the l!ght would be d!mmer
Have you not!ced the d!fference one letter makes?
The same as !ngred!ents !n a rec!pe for cakes
You can make a d!fference and so can !
That’s why ! matter because all ! have to do !s try

*All it takes is to replace the ! with the letter I

By MaeLee Scoville

MaeLee has always loved to read books from a very young age. As soon as she could write, she began writing stories and plays with the goal of being an author one day. She learned about Reflections and thought it was fun how any student could use their talents to create their own works of art in various categories. She was extra excited this year about the theme being “I Matter Because…” She got her pencil and began to write, but the words didn’t come easily. She used a dictionary to look up words, and then, little by little, everything came together. By taking her time and working hard, she finally saw what she wanted to do. With everything that occurred in the past year, she was determined to create something to remind everyone why he or she truly matters.

After reading what she wrote, many people quickly realized what she had written was special. MaeLee’s poem won the Award of Excellence at her school, council, region, and even the state of Utah. At nationals, her poem took 3rd place, earning her an Award of Merit and a bronze medal. She is very happy the poem did well, but her real hope is that anyone who reads her poem will feel how special they are and why they are so important. We are very proud of MaeLee and everything she has accomplished!

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