Women in Business: Kristy Pack

Kristy Pack truly loves doing taxes!

Kristy Pack loves doing taxes. Really and truly. “No one loves doing taxes as much as I do. It’s like putting together a puzzle every day. I just love it!” She is in the right business. And the rest of us, who don’t enjoy the process as much as she does, are happy to have her help. Kristy graduated first in her class from Weber High School and earned a scholarship to Brigham Young University. She did her graduate work at the University of Utah. Her training is in teaching and business. She never thought she would end up doing accounting work, but that was how she paid for college, and she loved it so much that it became a career.

Kristy is very passionate about business, especially women in business. She speaks regularly, teaching business owners how to run the finances for their companies. Opening her own business had never crossed Kristy’s mind until she had her first child. She wanted to work and still be a mom, so she opened her own practice. Now, she has a family room attached to the office so her kids can be there while she is working.

Kristy strives to lead by example. She really cares about relationships with people. “It’s those relationships that matter. We want clients to be so happy with us, that they come to us every year for the rest of their lives, and refer all their friends and family to us.” Her goal is to help the ordinary, everyday person, someone who could file their taxes themselves, but doesn’t really want to, or someone who doesn’t want to pay a huge price to have some help. She wants everyone to be comfortable asking questions, and she promises, “We won’t make you feel stupid as you ask your accounting questions.”

The Packs have a busy life. “We have five kids and two mortgages. It’s tricky to keep up with everything.” Kristy’s husband, Jared, works with her full time. And they love working together.

One of the biggest lessons Kristy has learned is that, as long as you’re willing to work hard and find a way to help people, you’re going to be successful. “Find a way to help people. That’s the foundation of business.” She lives every day with that attitude. She wants her kids to learn to focus on serving and helping others. “When you treat people the right way, things are going to work out for you.”

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