Women in Business: Denise Norris – doTERRA

Looking for respiratory relief, Denise found doTERRA and decided to share her journey with others.

Denise Norris has always had a passion for natural health and wellness for herself and her family.

So, when she was struggling with a compromised respiratory system in 2010, she was grateful to be given a sample of Breathe oil from a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. That little bottle of oil was just what she was searching for to give her respiratory system relief, and she was overcome with the extraordinary results from just a few tiny drops. That experience alone was the game-changer for Denise, and she decided right then that she would learn all she could about these “gifts of the earth” in a bottle. She began to immediately educate herself about essential oils, ordering a few oils each month, as well as incorporating the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack into her daily routine. The supplements provided Denise with the necessary herbs, minerals, and nutrients that she needed for a foundation of health. It was the perfect combination! After 18 months of discovering and using the doTERRA products and experiencing optimal health, Denise decided that she would begin sharing her journey of hope and healing with others, and she began her own doTERRA business.

She started to teach classes in her home and travel extensively to friends and family around the United States, educating others about essential oils and the blessing they have brought to her family physically, emotionally, and financially. She has found great satisfaction in knowing that through teaching classes, she can create a ripple effect of better health and wellness around the globe. Recently, she traveled to Africa to meet and visit the farmers who source ginger, eucalyptus, and geranium.

When she was there with 50 other doTERRA Wellness Advocates from around the world, they helped donate over 1,500 desks to a local school in need through the Healing Hands Foundation – the charitable arm of doTERRA International.

Denise’s business has also taken her back to the Philippines, where she served as a missionary. She has been instrumental in opening the Philippines as a new doTERRA market, and she enjoys teaching her friends there about essential oils.

The sky is the limit with doTERRA, and countless people around the world need these precious oils. Denise is passionate about changing the world “one drop at a time.” She is looking forward to connecting with many people in North Ogden, who are ready to live an abundant and vibrant lifestyle.

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