Women in Business: Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen is a Real Estate Agent for Better Homes and Garden Real Estate.

Anna Jensen of Pleasant View is a Real Estate Agent committed to helping people fulfill their dreams of home ownership. But she’s also a wife, a mom, and a cancer survivor. In 2016, while she was still working through her cancer treatment, Anna began her real estate business. It was something she’d always wanted to do, but life happened, and her income was helping to support the family. But her husband Mike, who’s been with her for twenty-five years said, “Now is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do.”

Some things you never forget, and Anna still remembers the date of her diagnosis, the date that her whole life was turned upside down. “It was September 2, 2014, the day before my daughter’s sixteenth birthday.” Anna was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer. In spite of everything, she wanted to keep life as normal as possible. She continued to work and to care for her kids.

Treatment for cancer is very involved.
Anna went through 6 surgeries, 18 weeks of chemotherapy, a year of Herceptin, 28 days of radiation treatment that left her with third- degree burns. And through it all she managed to keep getting things done. “I scheduled my chemo therapy sessions on Fridays, so I could be back to work by Tuesday and finish out the week.

Anna was drawn to the real estate market because she’d bought and sold several homes. She’d seen other agents not providing the kind of service and caring that she wanted for her family members, and she wanted to do better.

She is deeply committed to caring for her clients, and making sure that she goes the extra mile to understand their needs. “Different buyers have unique personal and cultural needs in a home. It’s important to take time to understand that.”

Anna is very passionate about volunteering in her community, and she is teaching her children to follow in her footsteps. She works with some great organizations including Days for Girls, The Ronald McDonald House, and Image Reborn, which provides retreats for cancer patients, to give them a break from their treatment and their family responsibilities, and gives them time to connect with other women going through the same thing. Anna hopes to pass on her legacy of giving back.

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