Women in Business: Anna Bravard

Anna Bravard runs Advanced Electrolysis.

Anna Bravard runs her business, Advanced Electrolysis, LLC & Day Spa, with the thought and belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. It is what has guided and grounded her throughout the years of growing her business.

Originally, Anna was born and raised in a suburb of Columbus,Ohio (Go Bucks!). She decided to attend Weber State University, where she met a North Ogden native. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, she married and followed her husband who had joined the military. Five states and four kids later, she settled with her family in North Ogden, Utah.

Throughout Anna’s life, she struggled with unwanted hair. Every move she made, she had to find another electrologist to treat and remove the hair permanently. Shortly after arriving to North Ogden, her local electrologist shared with her that she was going to need to medically retire and had not found a replacement. This announcement peaked Anna’s interest, as she has a love of serving, understands the embarrassment of unwanted hair, and has a keen eye for detail and quality. She decided to further her education and studied electrology. Anna purchased the business and received additional training from her predecessor. At first, she worked out of her home office but quickly recognized the need the community had for permanent hair removal.

By 2017, her practice had grown to the point that a move was needing to be made, and she opened a clinic in a medical office building, preferring to stay within her community. The clients began to recognize her high standards. If fact, Anna’s quality standards are so great that she requires new electrologists to work alongside her for 4-6 months before they can treat a client on their own. This attention to detail is what she is known for. Her clients started to mention to her that they were desiring to receive other services and to have a one-stop shop of similar high-quality treatments. Anna listened and expanded the range of services as a spa. She introduced skin care treatments like facials, chemical peels, and micro-dermabrasion, along with advanced treatments such as laser hair removal, pigment and vein treatments, skin rejuvenation, specialized microblading, and cosmetic/ medical injections.

Anna is a leader in the community. She not only serves those through her business by providing opportunity and treatments for those with unwanted hair and skin care needs but her community as a whole through her many service-oriented organizations she is affiliated with. She loves caring for those around her and ensures that all are welcome to her clinic for treatments, no matter who they are – male, female, or transgender – for everyone deserves to feel beautiful and respected.

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