Women in Business

By Hailey Minton • Photos by Adam Phillips

My favorite part of this issue was engaging and connecting with influential women in our community as I wrote some of these spotlights. I hope you realize our community is filled with amazing people, and we were only able to highlight a few of them. I reached out on Facebook and asked the North Ogden community who they would like to nominate, and there were so many responses. This issue focuses on women in business, but I’d invite you to think about any influential women in your life and what characteristics they possess that have blessed you. Don’t be afraid to express some gratitude and let them know what they mean to you!

Jennie Taylor

Jennie Taylor is a widowed mother of seven who hopes to encourage the growth of leaders. One of the ways she’s doing this is through engaging with others through her foundation’s book club on Facebook. From President’s day to Memorial Day, they are discussing a chapter from the book “Lincoln on Leadership.” Brent Taylor used this book as mayor and discussed it with the North Ogden City Council and staff. The discussion will be every Monday at 9 p.m. from President’s Day, through May 31st, which is Memorial Day. “It’s only one chapter a week—totally manageable, even for the busiest of us!”

Kristen Humphreys

Kristen Humphreys is a senior sales representative for Mary Kay. A local resident since 4th grade, Kristen attended Mary Kay demonstrations as a teenager and started selling at 18 years old. The skills she acquired through her career leadership training impacts the way she volunteers. She was the PTA president for North Ogden Elementary for five years while her children were there, and now, she is the PTA president at NOJH. She tries to create a positive environment where people want to be involved. Kristen knows the importance of working together as a team, because she sees that people support what they help create.

Chris Earnest

Chris Earnest is the principal at Weber High School, and getting transferred to work at Weber High has been “the pinnacle of my career…I love being here,” she said. She taught PE and health for 19 years before going back to school to get her masters to work in administration. Interacting with all the students and working with the student government are a few of her favorite aspects of her work. She also coached basketball while she taught, and she has been using those skills to lead the high school, during the global pandemic.

Check back often over the next few weeks for more inspiring Women in Business!

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