We asked readers on social media to tell us why they love their city, and here’s what they had to say!

Our neighbors and neighborhood. We’re a military family, and we’re far from our families. Our neighbors have been helping us out and always checking up on us.”
-Nikki Er

“The canal trail, the mountains and trails, the community, and the delicious spring water.”
-Kellie Hodson Johnson

“The location is hard to beat!!! I love being nestled in the hillside.”
-MeChelle Roskelley

“The great people with friendly smiles and helpful spirits!”
-Mark E. Miller

“Catching fish out of the creek.”
-Spencer Alexander

“The people that make us a community, the nature, and having things local so I don’t have to leave my bubble (outside of North Ogden). I love living here. I love North Ogden.”
-Megan King

“The people, an old-fashioned sense of community, and the views.”
-Candice Child Alvarez Illum

“It is such a beautiful place to raise a family. I love the beautiful mountains, sunsets, the peace that is here. I have lived in North Ogden for 51 years. I am so thankful for a wonderful single mother who realized the importance of getting her children in a better area than where we lived.”
-Tammy Widdison

“MY VIEW. There is so much more, but when you see the beauty, you know it’s right. I have lived in this house over 40 years, and I can never get over how beautiful it is and how grateful I am.”
-Julie Sawyer

“The bike paths are wonderful for families. Many are kid-friendly and have beautiful views of nature.”
-Rose Wambsganss

-Sandra Mayes Cochran

“The quiet, the hometown feel, and the friendliness of the people (I’m a recent transplant).”
-Katie Holdaway Kluge

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