WHS Sterling Scholars

WHS Sterling Scholars

Thirteen students are selected for their achievement in a specific subject, and will compete for scholarships.

Each year at Weber High, a chunk of seniors are selected as Sterling Scholars for exceptional achievement in a specific subject. After compiling a portfolio of their work, the students are interviewed and judged based on proficiency and performance. According to their website, “The Sterling Scholar Awards Program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all nominees.”

The program started in 1962 when a man named Steve Hale started work at the Deseret News and pitched the idea to his staff. They met with members of the board of education and started within Salt Lake City. Soon, KSL became involved too, and eventually the competition encompassed the entire state.

Brittany Hall, who has learned programming and debugging en route to her computer technology honors, said, “I definitely try my best in everything I do, and I think that is one reason why I love computer technology – it can always get better and I can always learn new things.” Her passion for the subject comes from its real life application as Hall has already made multiple websites or designed logos for school and extracurricular activities. She hopes to be a Web Marketer so she “can apply my web development and programming skills with my love for business.”

Koby Pack, with business and marketing, said, “I started my first business when I was six years old and have loved starting new businesses ever since.” Pack is also involved in Weber’s FBLA and DECA chapters and said he applied for the honors because “it can expand the amount of opportunities I have in my future, whether that be in higher education or the business world.” He added, “I hope that being a sterling scholar can place me on track that leads to me being able to live my dreams and own my own company.”

Katie Hadley, with world language, said she wanted to be a sterling scholar so “I could be an example for all students by showing that foreign languages aren’t just spoken in different countries.” She hopes the honors will help her achieve her dream “and purpose as an ASL interpreter.”

This group is recognized at Weber High, but will then compete at a semi-final and final level as well. Colleges within the state of Utah give out scholarships or stipends for regional winners; for example, the University of Utah awards a renewable $5,000 annual scholarship to all regional category winners for a total value of $20,000 for a maximum of eight semesters. Similarly, BYU gives out a one-year full tuition scholarship to all regional category winners.

First round interviews are on Feb. 19th at Lomond View and final interviews will be Feb. 28th. A final state announcement will be held on March 15th. Good luck to all our scholars!

For the 2018-2019 school year, the following were awarded from Weber High:

Koby Pack, Marketing

Kaylee Barker, Consumer Science

Shanae Fraughton, Science

Sydnee Bingham, Dance

Caleb O’Neill, Social Science

Acelan Obray, Vocal Performance

Abraham Harris, Math

Brittany Hall, Computer Technology

Emma Flattery, English

Amanda Widner, Speech and Drama

Katie Hadley, World Language

Trevor Ingram, Visual Arts

Carley Mund, Instrumental Music

By Steve Godfrey

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