Who Are We?

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This site serves the northern Ogden area and include news and information for North Ogden and Pleasant View as well as occasional information from other surrounding areas. Connection Publishing also creates and distributes monthly news magazines in the area. We have a three-fold goal.

1. Create more connection in the community

2. Create a positive source for community communication and interesting content

3. Help local businesses market their services to community members by sponsoring the magazine and website

This site serves as a companion site to the magazine with news regarding the city that can be updated quickly with more time-sensitive things that just aren’t possible with the print version. We really enjoy creating the magazine and have had many thousands read the digital version online. We decided to create this sister site that would be much more flexible so we can add extra detail and even add stories that we just don’t have room for in the print magazine. Please submit and tell us what you think of the site. Let us know of any stories you hear about so we can include them here. Thank you for connecting with us.

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