Which One Should I Follow?

The city has many ways to provide information on-line


As a city we have done our best to keep our residents updated on news, city events, and other happenings around North Ogden. Going paperless has become more of a trend since the early 2000’s, not only by residents but also the businesses we have forged relationships with, in order to provide information to everyone. Since that time, beginning in 2009 when we started the first Facebook page, we have added several other pages on Facebook. We have also upgraded our City website to be a place that residents can access any information they may need, and we started emailing out a monthly newsletter.

Although going paperless has its perks, we realize that trying to reach all our residents on a digital platform is not as easy for some as it is for others. We do try to utilize the North Ogden Connection magazine when possible, and also have some notices printed on your utility bill. However these avenues are not very efficient when it comes to last-minute happenings like road closures, water breaks, changes at the pool, and council meeting agendas, etc. We also realize that many things happening around the city may not always pertain to you, so being signed up for ALL our resources may seem like overkill. In order to help get the word out and also help you decide what avenues work best for you, we have compiled the attached list to assist you, to make decisions easier.

We encourage our residents to sign up for whichever means of communication works best for you. If you’re good with monthly communications, the eNewsletter and North Ogden Connection magazine are probably going to be the one you choose. If you’d like to stay up to date daily or even weekly, we encourage you to make it a habit to follow any of the Facebook groups that pertain to you and check out our website frequently. These will be the sources we use for the most up-to-date information in North Ogden.

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Official North Ogden City Pages


City Administration information including city council and other meetings; projects, general information about happenings in each of our departments, special events, updates from the Mayor, elections, etc.



Trash updates, road closures, leaf truck updates, information pertaining to the green waste pit days and hours, spring & fall clean-up, water main breaks, signing up & terminating utility accounts, information on how to make your utility payments, and snow plow information.



Information on recreation sport sign-ups and events such as Cherry Days, Trunk or Treat, Chalk it-Up, Music in the Park, park updates and closures, and other miscellaneous events scheduled throughout the year.



Information regarding season opening and closing, lifeguard training, hiring, unexpected changes to hours, and special events.



Weekly police call breakdown, dog licensing, changes to court times or schedules, code enforcement information, police department specific information, and clean out your cabinet medicine events.



Dog licensing information, lost & found animal posts, and information on keeping your animals safe.




Sign up for the monthly eNewsletter or view our calendar of city events, city council meeting agendas, city code information; city COVID updates, pet licensing information, business licensing information; building and planning requirements, and contact information for each of our city offices.

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