What is Weber Communities That Care?

Susannah Burt and family

Interview with Susannah Burt, Weber CTC Community Board Chair

What is the Weber Communities That Care? What do they do?
Weber Communities that Care Coalition is a combined effort between Harrisville, Ogden Valley, North Ogden, and Pleasant View. The coalition focuses on the communities that feed into Weber High School. It is all about prevention–prevention of mental health crises, prevention of substance use disorder, and improving our communities. Our vision is that the Weber Communities That Care Coalition is a caring community that harnesses resources to support all youth by engaging families, schools, and the community through education and connectedness.

Weber CTC just elected you as their chairperson. What are your roles as chair of Weber CTC?
My role as Chair of the Community Board is to support the workgroups and the efforts of the community board. The coalition came up with a plan to help the community, and I intend to support the implementation of it. I also work closely with the coalition coordinator to ensure we are on track with our plan. We also work to keep our key leaders (stakeholders) informed and support them.

Tell us why you got involved in Weber CTC?
I got involved because I love this community. We’ve seen loss and tragedy over the last five years. What better way to show a community love than to get involved? I have my own kids, and I love seeing other community members be positive influences on them and vice versa. It helps that I have a degree in Health Promotion and love prevention!

Who else can join Weber CTC? How can anyone else get involved?
ANYONE can be involved! We have a great setup and lots of opportunities with varying degrees of time needed. This group is all about prevention – and that really is everyone’s responsibility.

For questions or to volunteer, contact Coordinator Rachelle Krohn at rachellek@weberhs.org
Check us out on Facebook or Instagram @WeberCTC

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