What is Guiding Good Choices Training?

Wendi Davis-Cox and family

Interview with local parent, Wendi Davis-Cox

Question: What did you think of the class?
I really liked the class. The instructors were very helpful and were able to answer questions that arose during the discussions. The material from the class is something that is easy to use and follow.

Q: What did you learn?
There were so many skills taught that could be used in everyday situations that arise as a parent. These skills can help strengthen the relationship between parents and children, as well as build protective factors for children when facing future emotional and behavioral issues.

Q: Has this changed how you parent?
One of the lessons that I really liked was in regard to conflict management. Two areas of focus were controlling anger and expressing anger constructively. This topic, and the skills presented, were something I was then easily able to share with and teach to my husband and children. We are now able to respond rather than react to each other when conflicts arise. I’ve experienced less frustration when dealing with conflicts, and I’ve noticed less yelling and bottling up emotions from the kids. The kids have also been able to call my husband and me on the carpet when we don’t follow our agreed upon plan when conflicts arise. I love that they can recognize that healthy options are available to resolve conflicts.

Q: Thank you! Any parting advice?
I would recommend to any parent to take this class. It really has some good information that is user friendly.

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