What are the concerns about Radon in our community?

North Ogden and most of Utah is in a radon risk zone. Radon is a naturally occurring gas which can cause severe health problems. However, in most occasions, we are not exposed to enough that we experience any of the harmful side effects. The side effects typically occur when people are exposed to it in confined spaces, like basements or other areas.

There are lots of resources available to provide you with information on how to get testing or get in touch with a professional who can answer questions. Radon typically enters through cracks in the foundation and can be mitigated by appropriately installed fans or other features. First, you should look up information on the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, deq.utah.gov. There, you will find resources to order test kits and helpful links to the EPA website. If your radon test comes back above recommended levels, there isn’t a need to panic. These issues can be addressed by a number of professionals who can talk to you about the next steps.

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