Welcome To Our New Look

To readers, the designs inside a magazine might not be obvious, and that’s precisely the idea. A good magazine design should subtly compliment and flavor the written content and photos without stealing the show.

Our design team has been working on modernizing and simplifying Connection’s layout and tidying up the overall look and feel of our magazine. Our goal was to create cleaner, more readable pages for you to linger in, and subtle designs you are drawn to but not distracted by. Take a look through the pages and let us know what you think.

Table of Contents

Our Contents page is iconic of the overall redesign of the magazine. We’re using larger images with shorter, more condensed blocks of text. We also combined our Connection Team page with the current issue contributors page, both to allow for more space for our Mayor’s message and make the pages cleaner and less redundant.

Other Changes

We created a new mini-feature design, a new history page icon and title, and we removed page headers to give your eyes more space in between design and text. Larger, thinner headlines are more modern and don’t distract from images.

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