Welcome Crumbl Cookie

Welcome, Crumbl Cookies!
We look forward to tasting those delicious cookies!


Blake Parrish is a lawyer by training and has five children. One of his daughters was a student at Utah State and friends with Sawyer Hemsley, who founded Crumbl Cookie. His daughter told him about the little booming shop, and he joked that he’d love to get into a franchise.

By 2019, he’d opened a store in Riverdale with his two youngest daughters working part-time as university students. However, even after they graduated, they stayed on to continue working. They were all having so much fun, they decided to open a second shop at 2568 North and 400 East. They chose this location because his wife grew up on Taylor Avenue, and long after she left the nest, the two of them would visit her parents in that childhood home for Sunday dinners.

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