Weber High School’s First Food Pantry

The need to provide food for older teens is often overlooked

Open to students in January or February. With the help of Besst Realty, Catholic Community Services and Weber School District Foundation, the pantry is stocked. Photos by Megan Morris.


Taking examples from Davis and Cache County School Districts, multiple high schools and junior high schools throughout Weber School District are opening food pantries at their schools. With one in five children in Weber County suffering from food insecurity, this has been an incredibly important project for the district. Weber High is one of those schools currently in the process of opening one for their students. The need for easy access to food has led the school and local organizations to form Weber High School’s first food pantry.

With the support of Besst Realty, Catholic Community Services, the Weber School District Foundation, and the local community, the pantry has been set up and stocked. Besst Realty supplied a fridge, freezer, and the initial stock for the pantry while Catholic Community Services will continue to supply food throughout the rest of the year. In December, Weber students have been outside Lee’s Marketplace and Valley Market asking for donations for their annual “Quarters and Cans” fundraiser. In addition to cash donations, they have been collecting a list of quick snacks. After the discontinuation of the school sponsored breakfast during their first and second periods, it was noticed that there was a significant increase in hungry students throughout the entire day. These snacks, including granola bars, apple sauce, and fruit snacks, will be made available for students to grab in place of the “second chance breakfast”. The pantry is also currently stocked with easy meals for students to take home such as spaghetti and mashed potatoes. Creating a local location with easy access to food needs, students will be able to access the pantry by setting up an appointment with Mrs. Hedgepeth in the main office.

With the goal of opening to students in January or February, Weber High is working hard working hard to ensure that their food pantry will continue to stay stocked for the use of all students throughout the year. Weber High’s food pantry will continue to serve its students with the help of its community.

If you are interested in donating food items, the school is accepting individually packaged granola or protein bars, protein drinks, fruit snacks, individual trail mixes, cracker sandwiches with cheese or peanut butter, toaster pastries, fruit cups or applesauce.

If you would like to support the pantry in other ways, please contact the school at 801-476-3700.

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