Weber High School Standout

 Photos by Stephanie Briskey

Brady Briskey

His grandpa took second in state when he was a senior in high school. His father and his uncle were both state champions once in their careers. For Brady Briskey, wrestling isn’t just a sport – it’s a family thing.

For two generations, the Briskey name has been connected to wrestling. “Because it’s a family thing,” Brady, senior at Weber High, says, “it makes me want to accomplish the things that my grandpa, dad, and uncle (did or did not) accomplish.”

In fact, after Brady took home the state title in 2017, the first guy he found was his dad, his role model, who immediately embraced him. A year later, Briskey wants to continue to get better, repeat as champ, but also take home some bragging rights within the Briskey home.

My goals are to beat the school pin record, avoid getting taken down throughout the season, and beat my Uncle’s (Jaden Briskey) fastest pin, 4.2 seconds, which is both a state and Weber High school record.”

To do so, Briskey, also known as ‘Wisket’ amongst his buddies, does lots of running before practice, the workout for practice – things like technique drills, live wrestling, down blocks, reshot drills, pummeling – but then he adds a combination of ladders, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups after the day is done while also some extra wrestling in the pit with a coach or teammate. Briskey is relentless, hard-working, and determined to be the best, just like those in his family.

Wrestling is tiresome and grueling, especially for those trying to make weight to battle those bigger or smaller than they. Regardless of weight class, Briskey takes each opponent by the horns to prove his grit and grind.

So far, the workout has paid off. Not only did Briskey take state last year, but he is a 2X Super State champ, which he hopes will be a three-peat by the end of spring 2018. On top of that, he placed as the Outstanding Wrestler at the Jody Warren Duels, earned All-American honors at the 2017 Iowa Nationals, and is on Team Utah’s National Wrestling Team to compete across the country in Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Currently, Briskey hold a 55-15 record in his career, with 38 recorded pins.

Caleb Hardy, psychology teacher and head wrestling coach at Weber said, “My favorite thing about Briskey is that he is constantly trying to be better. He works his heart out every time he steps in the room or the gym. He is constantly pushing himself and trying to find ways to improve.”

After high school, Briskey hopes to continue his sport, as it is something he loves. He currently holds offers from Oklahoma State, Ohio State, and Western Iowa, among others. It’s these big three, however, that Briskey is seriously considering. One thing’s for sure, whatever route he takes, the family legacy will move on.

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