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The holidays provide many opportunities for families to spend quality time together. Having conversations and listening is truly important in making your kids feel that what they share is important and is a crucial way to establish strong family bonds. Research has shown that, when children feel bonded to their family, it enhances their mental well-being, and they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors like using substances underage. In the science of prevention, family bonds are referred to as a “protective factor” for children.

We hope you can all spend time building protective factors as a family this holiday. This can be as simple as sharing family traditions, telling your favorite holiday stories while driving in the car and looking at Christmas lights, eating dinner together and talking about your day, or attending one of the many events that happen in Weber County this holiday season. Consider volunteering together, baking, decorating cookies, or playing a board/card game. By doing these things, memories will be made that will be cherished and loved by all. Weber CTC wants to be a resource for you this holiday season. Please follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on family bonding opportunities happening in your community.

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!
We appreciate your help and support this past year.

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