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Weber CTC is grateful for the fantastic people that live and work in our community. We would like to recognize one of our community members on behalf of an anonymous nomination for Michelle Perry, the Director of Food Services and Kitchen Coordinator at the Lantern House. The following nomination for Michelle touched our hearts.

Michelle Perry works the longest hours making meal plans and then cooking, often working every weekday, coming in on Saturdays and Sundays at times to check on things. She can make fabulous meals with whatever is donated and feels it’s important to give those in need good healthy food. She prepares three meals daily and sack lunches for them on the weekends. They eat better than I do! I am amazed at how respectful she is to everyone she serves. She goes above and beyond her job title. Her favorite motto is, “See beautiful always.”

We appreciate Michelle and great people within our community like her that are working hard to make a positive impact on our community and those around us. In the new year, we can all learn from Michelle and strive to “see beautiful always” and appreciate the amazing community we all live in!

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