Weber CTC Celebrates National Self Care Day


To celebrate National Self-Care Day (April 5, 2023), Weber CTC is highlighting The SELFIE Method.® “SELFIE” was created by Casey Pehrson, Ed.S., NCSP, and is “an acronym for self-care and a powerful arsenal against depression (” We encourage you to “Take a SELFIE” for self-care this month by focusing on at least one of the following components of the method:

Sleep: At least 8 hrs. of sleep each night. Turn all screens off at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Exercise: At least 30 min. of exercise each day.
Light: GET OUTSIDE and get some sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day.
Fun: Do something you love to do and have fun!
Interaction: Humans are social animals and we need each other. Put your phones away and talk with your friends and family.
Eat Right: Eating well improves your overall health.

Focusing on improving just one element of SELFIE is a great way to show up for yourself, and improve your mental health.

To learn more about SELFIE and self-care, visit OR Make sure to follow us on social media (@WeberCTC) for more self-care tips in April!

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