Weber County Sport Shooting Complex

Offering a safe, family friendly and professional place for training and shooting experiences

The Weber County Sport Shooting Complex is a quality, efficient, safe, state-of-the-art firearms training and recreational facility located near North Ogden. The range is staffed almost entirely by volunteers who are committed to providing a safe, professional, and family-friendly shooting experience (if you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please stop by or call the range office).

The County saw a critical need for residents, law enforcement, and other government agencies to have a shooting facility for training and recreational needs. The Sport Shooting Complex and its staff exists to meet those needs.

The County has experienced significant growth and, as a result, there are fewer areas for the average resident to find safe, secluded locations away from homes, livestock, and wild life to enjoy shooting sports. This has created a challenge for county and municipal officials due to concerns and complaints from county residents, many who perceived that recreational shooting taking place near their houses and businesses was unsafe. A safe alternative was necessary to both allay the fears and complaints of residents and to provide a safe, accessible alternative for recreational shooters.

The Weber County Sport Shooting Complex meets both criteria. It provides a safe, suitable alternative to Weber County residents for the enjoyment of shooting sports in a family-friendly environment. The Shooting Complex allows the shooting of handguns of all calibers,and rifles up to .338 Lapua.

Also offered:

•Hunter Safety Classes

•Precision Rifle (out to300 yards)

•Handgun/Rifle shooting(out to 50 yards)

•Rimfire matches

•Bowling pin shoots(revolver, semi-auto, and rimfire)

•Law Enforcement/Military/Federal and State Agency training and qualification range

Future ideas may include multi-gun shoots. Note: Due to safety concerns, shotguns, black powder and 50 calibers and up are NOT allowed at this facility.

Business: Firearms Training and Recreational Facility

Address: 2441 N 1500 W. (Rulon White Blvd.)

Phone:(801) 778-6991

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